Catherine Karanikolaou

Senior SMEs & Entrepreneurship Consultant

Catherine possesses in-depth knowledge of accounting and tax regulations, and she can assist with business planning and all areas related to starting or growing a business.

She is responsible for managing the NSRF (ESPA) program. Catherine is an Economist with a Master's degree in International Economics and Business Relations

Anastasios (Tasos) Matthaios

Accounting and Tax Technical Support Consultant

Anastasios is one of the most seasoned consultants in the Accounting-Tax Technical Support department. With a deep understanding of the tax system and expertise in accurate tax preparation, Anastasios handles complex accounting situations professionally. He is known for his ability to quickly identify and rectify errors, enhancing the department's reliability and accuracy.

Additionally, Anastasios provides steady support and guidance to his team, improving overall efficiency and the quality of services. He also holds a degree in Economics.

Myrto Michaloglou

Accounting and Tax Technical Support Consultant

Myrto is a dedicated and specialized consultant in the Accounting and Tax Technical Support department. With significant experience in the field, Myrto is distinguished for her analytical ability and professional approach to tax and accounting matters.

She has demonstrated exceptional skill in identifying and resolving complex issues, offering valid solutions and assistance to clients. She holds a degree in Economics and a Master’s in Banking Accounting and Finance.

George Bourdounis

Senior HR Consultant

George, with extensive experience in overseeing payroll processes and ensuring compliance with insurance and labor legislation, has developed effective strategies for managing the human resources of businesses. In addition to technical expertise, he also possesses strong negotiation and communication skills, capable of providing advisory support to clients for the development and implementation of HR strategies.

His approach is always solution-oriented, with a focus on improving efficiency and organizational performance.

Theodoros Athanasiou

HR Consultant

Theodoros is a key member of the Human Resources Management team. His work significantly contributes to supporting various HR functions such as calculating payrolls for employees of client companies, submitting work schedules and leaves, as well as calculating and dispatching taxes for salaried services. He manages hiring, terminations, and resignations of employees, ensuring smooth and efficient management of human resources for our clients.

Theodoros is distinguished for his analytical skills and his ability to effectively address HR challenges, contributing to the enhancement of the department's efficiency and functionality.

Petros Giariskanis

Senior Project Manager

Petros with a decade of experience he has now strong leadership skills, adept at managing teams, ensuring that each member's strengths are leveraged to achieve the project's objectives.

His expertise extends beyond project management, with proven experience in career counceling projects & Business Incubator Projects, showcasing his versatility and commitment to professional growth and development.

Maria Vamvaka

EU Project Manager

Maria possesses excellent communication and negotiation skills, combined with a deep understanding of the European Union's funding structure.

Passionate about enhancing Technology, Innovation, Management, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability, she focuses on advancing these sectors through EU-funded projects.

Anastasia Aslanidou

Project Manager

Anastasia is a professional who has expertise in managing EU-funded projects as well as designing and implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives for companies.

She has a deep understanding of EU regulations and procedures and experience in managing complex projects.

Tsidem Softa

Executive in the Tax and HR Departments

Tsidem is a professional who has recently entered the field of the work of the Dept. of Tax & HR Support, proving that she has a strong ability to adapt to new tasks and challenges as they arise.